• Mrs. Wrobel

          Welcome to second grade!

     In science,we are studying weather, how we measure weather, the water cycle and clouds. We have created a diagram of the water cycle and will be creating a diagram of the 3 main clouds(cirrus, stratus, cumulus)
    Our social studies topic has brought us to landforms. We can identify and describe; island, peninsula, mountain, hill, plain, plateau, ocean, lake and rivers! We will be creating an informative foldable on all these lands and bodies of water.
    Our math topics we are currently working on are; subtracting two digit numbers by  using a number line, mental math and soon we will be regrouping  and borrowing. We are also working on constructed responses for our subtraction and pattern word problems. The students are writing to explain their answers in math. This is great practice for what will be expected next year.
    In  reading, we are continuing to meet in our guided reading groups. The groups will be reading and reflecting together on a specific book that is appropriate for their level. The students will also continue working in the Super kids program which reinforces spelling, grammar and comprehension skills.
    The students will have many opportunities this year to practice good writing skills.  They will be practicing how to plan a written piece using a graphic organizer, writing a rough draft, conferencing with a teacher or peer and finally publishing their written piece.
    All second graders have begun using the handwriting program and will be using their very own  laptops for typing published pieces and practicing math skills on IXL.
    Homework: homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Typically in spelling, math and reading. 
    I look forward to working with all the second graders and watching them grow this year!
    Mrs. Wrobel