• Welcome 

     Ms. Lisa Graziano and  Mrs. Boyajian


    The 5th grade is an important year as the students are completing their last year in elementary school and getting ready to make the BIG move to middle school. 

    Our goals are to instill in our students the strategies that are necessary for them to be able to succeed both in their 5th grade year and throughout their school career.


    Homework:  Homework is given daily to reinforce skills that are taught in school that day.  At least 30 minutes of reading per night is suggested.  Reading and Math will be assigned on most nights. Science and Social Studies homework will be given as required by the curriculum.  

    *It is important that your child develop good study habits and organization this year as they transition to middle school. Encourage them to manage their work and complete it throughly and neatly! Developing good study habits and independence will help in the transition to middle school.

    *If your child misses an assignment, they are responsible for turning it in the next day. 3 missed assignments will effect their homework grade for the trimester. 

    Report Cards: This year all grades will be given by trimester. Report cards will be issued 3 times a year. Fifth grade students are given a LETTER GRADE. Graded assignments and scores can be found on the PARENT PORTAL. You will be receiving log in information shortly. 

    Absences/Tardiness: Call Nurse O’Neill at Extension 212 or email ASAP.  Five late arrivals will result in your child missing recess. 

    Snack: Daily AM snack. Healthy foods are encouraged. Candy IS NOT allowed.

    ******Fifth grade is is strictly NUT free!******

    Birthday Parties: The fifth grades will celebrate birthdays once a month with a “free choice” celebration! (board games, ipads, dance party...)

    Help build our library with current literature! Donate a book in honor of your child! We will add their photo and dedication on the inside cover for future fifth graders to enjoy.   IMPORTANT!     Birthday party invitations may be delivered in school ONLY if ALL of the children in the class are invited!

    Holiday Parties: There are several holidays that the fifth graders will celebrate this year. We use these celebrations as an opportunity to build understanding, tolerance, family, community and sense of fun! Both classes will have identical parties. Our classroom parents will coordinate a snack, crafts, games, etc. Please consider signing up to organize a holiday event. We appreciate all of your time, effort and thought which will provide a fun time for all!

    Dismissal: Fifth graders are dismissed from the far side of the playground (in front of the gymnasium doors) only when a parent, guardian or known babysitter is present.  In the event of inclement weather, please pick up your child from inside the gymnasium. 

    Lunchtime & Recess: Please note 5th graders eat lunch at 11:22am and recess begins at 11:55am