Saddle River School District

The Speech and Language Program at Wandell School is designed to help
students in Preschool through 5th grade to improve their communication skills.

Communication areas include:

Articulation (speech pronunciation),
Fluency (speaking without stuttering),
Voice (clear resonance and quality without hoarseness), and / or
Language Development (understanding correct grammar or vocabulary and
using that language at the appropriate time and place).

In order for a student to become eligible to receive speech or language
therapy at school, that student first must be referred by either a
teacher or parent. Then, a team of educators (including the classroom
teacher, the speech-language pathologist, and the child study team
coordinator) as well as the parent must document not only that the
student has a speech or language disorder, but also that the speech or
language disorder negatively impacts the childs education.

The speech or language therapy may be individual or group sessions
within the speech room. Support may also be provided within the
students classroom, depending upon the students needs. 

If you have questions about your childs speech or language development,   please
contact the Child Study Team Chair at (201) 327-0727 Ext. 267.