Saddle River School District

  • Homework: Week of 5/22 - 5/26

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    • Math: Worksheet 16-5 (Both sides) 
    • Spelling: Sort your words 
    • Reading: James and the Giant Peach Chapters 25 and 26 (Google Classroom Question) 
    • Math Facts: Practice Flashcards  



    • Math: Worksheet 16-6 (Both Sides)
    • Spelling Tic Tac Toe Box
    • Reading: James and the Giant Peach Chapters 29-31 (Google Classroom Question) 
    • Math Facts: Worksheet 



    • Math: Pearson Realize: Topic 16 Online Practice Test 
    • Spelling: Tic Tac Toe Box
    • Reading: James and the Giant Peach Chapters 36 and 37 (Google Classroom Question)
    • Math Facts: IXL J.10


    • Spelling: Tic Tac Toe Box 
    • Math Facts: Worksheet 


    This week's IXL Sections: U.8, U.9, U.10, U.11, U.6, and U.7 

    Dojo Section: U.5



    Have A Great Weekend!



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