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    Kindergarten January Newsletter

    I hope that everyone had a fun holiday season and a great beginning to 2018! We are off to a running start in Kindergarten already!  The students have been busy as usual!  We are continuing to sound out words and we have been getting better and better at reading our Take Home Readers! We are very proud of ourselves!  The children have been concentrating on the letters C, O, G, A, D, S, L, I, T, F, E, H, and U. We are identifying several sight words and we can read many different sentences!


    In the area of Mathematics, the children have been working with many different manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction problems.  Also, we are practicing counting on from 10 to 20 with counters.  The children will be introduced to telling time to the hour.  They will be using mini  clocks to practice making different times on their own.  We are preparing for our 100th Day of School!  Be on the lookout for all the math activities to come!


    Kindergarteners will discuss Martin Luther King and we will each made our own dream for the world.  We have been discussing many signs of the Winter Season.


    We will be discussing and writing about our New Year’s Resolutions!  We will also write about our favorite memories from 2017 and wishes for 2018!   We'll have to wait and see what the year has in store for us!


    Happy 2018 to all!

    Ms. Rowan