• Wandell School is using the Realtime Student Information System to maintain student records.  Realtime is a secure, browser based, comprehensive, single source student information data base for school districts. Simplicity, flexibility and versatility provide real-time information for Wandell's administrators, teachers, school staff, parents and students immediately upon demand. Information that is available in real time. Realtime is a powerful, comprehensive and intelligent system for managing student information including an electronic gradebook and report card. Parents can log on to their child's information by clicking on the link below:


    A Note about Passwords.


    In order to get onto the Parent Portal parents must enter an initial Portal Code, Portal Username and Password.

    I have found there may be some confusion in determining exactly which letter or number choice is correct on the district generated Portal code sheets.  Try the following:

     "l"  on you pass codes  may actually be a capital "i" , an "l" as in like or the numeral 1 (one) Try  each one to see if it works. Similarly, 0 and O are also problematic. While in some print they may be distinct on Realtime system  the zero and capital "o" may appear the same. Try both combinations. Need help?  Don't hesitate to call us at school.

Last Modified on November 27, 2017