Enrichment Program

    Mrs. Jencsik


    Overview :

    All K-5 classes will participate in our whole-class Enrichment Program once a week. Enrichment classes offer engaging and creative experiences to help enhance each child’s learning. There will be a special focus on higher-level and critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-based learning opportunities, and lessons that incorporate various learning modalities.

    In addition to weekly whole-class Enrichment lessons, small-group Enrichment opportunities will be offered to eligible students. This year, the small-group Enrichment classes will meet twice a week. Multiple measures are required to identify eligibility for inclusion in small-group Enrichment activities. The multiple assessment tools used for identification include, but are not limited to: CSI scores, standardized test scores, group ability tests, report card grades, and teacher & parent nominations/recommendations.

    Enrichment Themes:

    All K-5 Wandell students will be embarking upon an in-depth thematic unit of study each trimester.  Themes are consistent across grade levels, but activities and lessons will vary for each grade.

    ·      Trimester 1 – Mysteries – Put on your trench coat, grab your detective badge, and get ready to solve some mysteries! Students will read and write mysteries, use deductive reasoning skills to identify clues, and solve mysteries using critical thinking skills and a hands-on approach to learning.

    ·      Trimester 2 – Logic & Thinking Skills –Put on your thinking caps! Students will hone their critical thinking skills while participating in this unit of study. Relationships, analogies, sequences, pattern decoding, deduction, inferring, creative problem solving, and critical analysis will all be explored.

    ·      Trimester 3 – STEM The Enrichment theme for the final trimester of the school year will be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education.  The students will participate in engaging, hands-on learning activities that promote an understanding of a variety of concepts within the STEM areas. This year for the first time, Wandell's STEM Lab will be used for many of these activities. Use of the lab and STEM will be coordinated with Mrs. Kilgallen.

    Contact Information:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at njencsik@wandellschool.org .
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    Mrs. Jencsik 

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