Dear Wandell Families,

    I am writing to you one last time as the President of the Wandell School Education Foundation. As of the end of June, my two year term as President comes to an end. 

    As most of you are aware, the Foundation provides financial support for innovative and progressive improvements that enrich the academic experience for the students at Wandell that are not otherwise possible within the confines of the Board of Education budget. This school year alone we have funded the following:

    ·         Ten new SmartBoards -- $72,000

    ·         New telephone system -- $25,000

    ·         Innovation Station  -- $20,000

    ·         School Play -- $20,000

    ·         Rosetta Stone -- $10,000

    ·         Technology renewals -- $8,000

    ·         Mad Science -- $5,400

    ·         Library support, books and other-- $3,600

    ·         Teacher mini grants -- $4,000

    ·         Assemblies (Secret World of Robots, Earth Dome, Skydome Planeterium, Harriet Tubman, Abe Lincoln and Anti-Bullying) -- $5,200

    ·         Night of the Arts -- $2,400

    ·         Character Building/Safety Patrol -- $500

    Total Spent -- $176,100


    In addition, at our annual auction in March 2017, we raised over $145,000! These funds have been earmarked for the following:

    ·         New English Language Arts Program -- $25,000

    ·         School Play -- $20,000

    ·         Ramsey professional development to align and keep curriculum current -- $15,000

    ·         Technology renewals -- $15,000

    ·         Innovation Station -- $13,000

    ·         Outdoor courtyard learning area -- $7,000

    ·         Mini-grants -- $7,000

    ·         Assemblies -- $6,500

    ·         Special Education textbooks, testing, resources -- $6,100

    ·         Teacher Workshops -- $4,000

    ·         Character Building and Safety Patrol -- $3,000

    ·         Library funding -- $2,000

    ·         Night of the Arts -- $1,500

    ·         New Reading Program and Handwriting program for Pre-K -- $1,200

    Total -- $126,300


    As I reflect upon my term, I am so proud of the small part the Foundation has taken in shaping the progress at our school. All of these enhancements in the quality of education would not be possible without the generosity of the Wandell parents, faculty and community. And I would be remiss to pass up this opportunity to thank the Board of Trustees who have dedicated so much of themselves to the success of the Foundation. I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank Dana Taranto and Jackie DeRosa for their combined 9 years of service as Trustees/Board Members on the Foundation. As their youngest children move on to Middle School, we at Wandell will lose two hard-working, dedicated, talented women who volunteered so much of their time to the continued advancement of our school.  I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. DeLisio, Mr. Stokes, all the teachers and staff who provide each and every child with a learning environment that truly makes Wandell feel like an extension of our home and family.

    If anyone is interested in finding out more about how to become involved in the Foundation, please contact Jennifer Rossakis – President, Jennifer Trepicchio – VP, Maria Yale – Treasurer, Jaime Botta – Recording Secretary, Liz Morrissey – Corresponding Secretary or Katalin Reichert – Trustee.   


    Thank you again for another successful year!

    Alex Ruffino

Last Modified on June 23, 2017