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    Q.  What is the Wandell School Education Foundation?


    A. The Wandell School Education Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by elected parent volunteers.  The Foundation is singularly committed to enhancing educational opportunities in order to promote educational excellence at Wandell School.  The Foundation is non-political and operates independently of the Saddle River Board of Education.



    Q.  What is the purpose of the Foundation?


    A.  The Foundation is a broad-based non-profit organization whose purpose is exclusively educational.  The Foundation was established in 1990 to secure resources and undertake fundraising activities for the benefit of the students of Wandell School.


    The Foundation functions to enrich our children's educational experience with projects and programs, technology and materials that are not otherwise made possible within the limitations of the Board of Education budget.



    Q.  Dont our taxes pay for these programs?


    A.  No.  The state of New Jersey legislation mandates certain programs to be paid out of local budgets.  These mandates have the effect of limiting other programs.  As a single-school district, Wandell faces even stricter challenges from reduced available spending.  The Foundation provides these enriching programs that would otherwise not be a part of our children's education.



    Q.  What happens after the Foundation receives a donation?


    A. 100% of all donations are deposited into the Foundations bank account.  A large portion of our money is kept in an institutional money market account and then transferred, as needed, to our local bank.



    Q.  Who decides how the funds are allocated?


    A.  Based on the prior year's net income, a budget is developed for use the following academic school year.  The Foundation receives requests from faculty and staff throughout the year.  These requests are presented in writing to the trustees for approval.  All programs must be for educational purposes and benefit of the students at Wandell School.



    Q.  How can I get involved with the Foundation?


    A.  The various committees can use volunteers periodically to help throughout the year.  For greater involvement you can also apply to become a trustee.  Please contact a current trustee or drop a note in the Foundation mailbox in the Wandell School office.



    Q.  What are some of the major projects the Foundation has funded?


    A.  The Foundation received donation of over $1,300,000 since its inception in 1990.  Some of the items provided are as follows:



    $1,300,000 Contributed Since 1990



    ·         TECHNOLOGY

    o    15  Smartboards for all classrooms

    o    15  Document Cameras for Smartboards

    o    25  State of the art iMac Computers

    o      7  Digital Video Cameras for use with iMacs

    o    60  Laptop Computers

    o    15  Canon 35 mm Cameras

    o    SLR high definition Digital Video Camera

    o    Cordless microphones

    o    Stage lighting and display



    o    WorldBook Online Encyclopedia

    o    BookFlix Online

    o    BrainPOP Animated Curriculum

    o    Library Books and DVDs

    o    Going Green Books

    o    1st Grade Readers

    o    2 additional  workstations in the School Library



    o    Paula Davidoff Specialized Instructor for the Writing Process

    o    SuperKids

    o    Pearson Education

    o    Achieve 3000

    o    Summer Reading Program


    ·         ARTS AND MUSIC

    o    New Jersey PAC Center Dance Residency

    o    New Jersey PAC Peter and the Wolf

    o    School Play - Seussical the Musical

    o     School Play -Beauty and the Beast

    o    Variety Show



    o    School House Rock Live!

    o    Welcome to New Jersey

    o    ArithmaTickles

    o    Dear America

    o    Kids Going Green

    o    Thomas Edison

    o    Chris Poulos Character Education

    o    Jim Jordan Character Education

    o    Colonial Day

    o    The Art of Chinese Dance

    o    Dinosaur Rocks

    o    Pocahontas Vision Quest

    o    American Revolution

    o    Slam Poetry by Lincoln Center

    o    Amber Brown is Not a Crayon


    ·         FIELD TRIPS

    o    New York Botanical Gardens

    o    Museum of Natural History

    o    New Jersey State Theater Bing Bang Boom

    o    Quiver Farms



    o    Faculty Mini Grants - $500 per Teacher

    o    WWB on campus TV Station

    o    Family Science Night

    o    Outdoor Learning Center Enhancements

    o    1st Grade Yoga Workshop

    o    5th Grade School Ecology Day

Last Modified on October 5, 2006